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 Toward the world with a new expression of sake. Photographed a new image visual of SUIGEI at Shibuya Yokocho.

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“Bring Japanese sake to the world. ] Assuming a global strategy, we shot in Shibuya Yokocho as a new image visual of a new expression of sake. ​ The Japanese sake market is unstoppable due to the declining population and young people's withdrawal from alcohol. On the other hand, the overseas sake market, where the shipment volume of sake is increasing year by year. According to a survey conducted in major cities around the world, Japanese food was the number one choice when it came to food from countries other than their own. There is no doubt that overseas markets, such as the Asia Pacific region, where explosive population growth can be seen in the future, are opportunities for the sake industry to greatly increase demand.

In consideration of such marketing, we thought that the expression of sake overseas must be more free and creative, and we have newly expressed it with a visual design that incorporates a fashionable style. ​ This time, as a new visual expression in our branding, we used a model from the fashion industry, and also collaborated with the luxury lingerie brand “RAVIJ0UR” to capture the new generation persona target layer with a demand for sake, and shot at Shibuya Yokocho. The we.

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The cameraman, stylist, and hair make fashion welcomes backstaff who are active on the front lines of the fashion industry, expressing a new world view of sake that has never been stroked.

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